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Free 5-Day Plant-Based Eating Plan

Posted on: January 20th, 2015 by MFMadmin 5 Comments

Not only is eating less meat good for the environment but it is also good for you. By following a diet free from animal products you will help will end animal cruelty, mitigate global depletion of resources and improve your health. A vegan diet consists only of plant-based foods and research has shown there are a number of health benefits from skipping out on meat, egg and dairy.  Download now.

Health benefits of eating a plant-based diet include:

• Reduced cholesterol
• Boost antioxidants
• Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease
• Lowers blood pressure
• Reduces the risk of cancers such as colon, breast cancer and prostate cancer
• Prevents osteoporosis
• Increased energy and weight loss

We partnered up with a fitness and nutrition advisor to bring you a balanced 5-day plant-based eating plan with helpful notes on weight loss, portion sizes, recipes, and shopping lists! Download now.

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