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Mary-Ann Shearer

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Mary-Ann Shearer is the best-selling health-author in the Southern Hemisphere! (she has sold over 190,000 copies of her books to date!) Her book, “The Natural Way – a Family’s guide to Vibrant Health” formed the foundation of a series of books that have helped thousands of folk around the world.

Her two recipe books “Recipe Books 1 & 2” have over 600 healthy recipes in and they are all ‘vegetarian and properly-combined’. These recipes have been demonstrated in her Digital Magazines series (out on DVD) along with a talk and an interview with a ‘success’ story.

Her 4th book “Healthy Kids – The Natural Way” is a wealth of information for ‘wannabee’ moms, families with growing children and teenagers. This book alone has helped thousands of moms keep their sanity by helping them “take responsibility for their own and their family’s health”

Mary-Ann released her one and only ‘diet’ book “Perfect Weight – The Natural Way” in August of 2003. This was the book that Mary-Ann did not want to write but felt that the topic was so fraught with myths and mystery that she had to try and de-mystify the secret to ‘weight-loss’ once and for all. This book has helped thousands of women understand their bodies and hormonal systems and why dieting is ‘wrong’ and ‘getting healthy’ is right!

In 2005, Mary-Ann, together with her husband Mark, wrote “Take Control – The Natural Way”

In this book, the two of them share honestly and openly about their lives, their children, how they handled the loss of their first business (Mary-Ann’s Wholefood Emporium) and how they found their way back to God and perfect health. This is a must-read for Christians who are struggling with their health and relationships.

Most recently (April 2007) Mary-Ann released her first ‘American’ book published in the States by Benbella Books. This book, “Perfect Health” is revolutionizing the way Americans live and is touching lives in remarkable ways.

To find out more, click here to visit Mary-Ann’s site.

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