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Pro-vegan game “Run Cow Run” downloaded over 1M times

Posted on: September 19th, 2013 by MFMadmin No Comments

Run Cow Run Vegan Game


Angry birds  requires you to slingshot your feathered friends, kamikaze-style, into egg-snatching pigs in the ultimate form of revenge.  While this addictive mobile game has received over 100 million downloads, there is a new kid on the block ruffling feathers and stretching fingers without any (virtual) animals being harmed.

Run Cow Run is “the game the meat industry doesn’t want you to know about” and has clocked over a million downloads on Android and Apple Stores.  This game is perfect for procrastinators eating up their time but want to keep it vegan.  The game revolves around a little cow who realises what happens to farm animals and makes a run for it.  While escaping from the evil farmer, she frees her friends from meeting their fate and tries her best not to end up on the dinner plate.

There are messages throughout the game promoting veganism and compassion for animals while their Facebook Page also shares animal-friendly news and messages.

Download the game now here!

Photo credit: Run Cow Run / Bengigi Studios

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