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Tove Kane

Posted on: August 21st, 2012 by MFMadmin No Comments

Tové Kane is a popular, award winning entertainment professional with over twenty years experience working on radio, TV, in studio and on stage as an MC, actress and singer.

People warm to her: she’s sincere, intelligent, funny, and has an engaging personality.

Tové has won several awards in the areas of entertainment and child protection, expanding her work as a multi-media content provider.

Tové writes extensively: TV, film, magazine articles, novels and blogging online

She is a revered MC and voice artist and is also involved in scripting, starring and post producing numerous DVD’s showcased globally on YouTube.

Tové has completed numerous photographic, presenting, writing, film, television and radio courses and has created her own unique training workshops combining these elements where she teaches technique, mechanics and enhances vocal performance.

Widely recognized for her speaking voice, she is a vocal trainer and presentation coach as well as being a highly professional keynote speaker.  She has designed a topic entitled “Symbols to Success” for the business environment to be instantly accessible across different demographics.

Tové is professional yet, fun and energetic.  Tové is the mother of a teenage son and engages him in many of her physical activities, viz.:
Kung Fu, Golf, Yoga and gym. Tové is a vegetarian. She rides a Ninja Superbike and lives to be ALIVE in her life.

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