Meat-Free Mondays has Relaunched!

Just in time for the new year where people are committing to New Year’s resolutions of eating more veggies and healthier, the Meat-Free Monday website has been redesigned and relaunched! If reducing your meat intake is something you want to implement in 2019, now is your chance! Get the date ball rolling and check our Plant-Based Starter Kit section or download our free Meal Plan.

Meat-Free Mondays is an environmental campaign that Tammy Fry, daughter of Wally Fry, the co-founder of The Fry Family Food Co., initiated in South Africa. The objective of Meat-Free Mondays is to raise awareness about the negative effect animal agriculture is having on our environment, human health, the animals and our precious water resources. The campaign gives people a simple solution and quantifies the benefits of adopting meat-free days in one’s household.

Take the pledge to committing to one day of the week, totally free from meat or animal by-products, like dairy and eggs! Feel free to connect with likeminded people who are a similar journey to you and join the South African Meat Free Monday Facebook page.

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