Meat-Free Mondays is a South African campaign that aims to encourage people to enjoy one day, each week, free of meat. Whatever your reason for choosing to eat more veggies, it’s a small move with a big impact on the environment, for the animals, and for your own health. Sign up today.

For the environment

Reducing your animal-based food is an easy way to help our planet that has immediate, positive impact. It is more effective than switching your car with a bicycle or taking a quick shower. 

  • Halve your greenhouse emissions
  • Lessen your water and energy use
  • Save wildlife and species extinction
  • Protect nature and the oceans
  • Decrease your overall environmental footprint simply by making different food choices
  • Cut down on pollution

According to Oxford Research, recent analyses show that reductions in meat consumption and other dietary changes would ease pressure on land use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Changing diets may be more effective than technological mitigation options for avoiding climate change and may be essential to avoid negative environmental impacts such as, major agricultural expansion and global warming of more than 2 °C, while ensuring access to safe and affordable food for an increasing global population.

Pledge to go meat-free on Mondays for the planet!

For your health

According to Oxford Research, changes in total caloric energy intake, the consumption of less red meat, and eating more fruits and vegetables could result in reductions in total mortality of 6–10%

A plant-based diet contains no cholesterol, a main predictor and cause of heart diseases and stroke.

A meat-free diet is lower in saturated fat, which increases the risk of raised blood levels and diabetes.

Eating more veg results in the body to naturally be more alkaline, meaning less risk for cancer, and contains a rich amount of heart-protective nutrients and antioxidants.

  • The amazing benefits of going plant-based:
  • Increased energy
  • Fewer allergies, colds and flu
  • Improved sport recovery time
  • Deeper sleep
  • Helps to balance hormones
  • Better body odor
  • Stable and more positive mood
  • Increased libido
  • Maintain a stable weight

Pledge to go meat-free on Mondays for your health!

For the animals

The increase in meat production over time would not have been possible without the development of commercial methods of farming, which have ignored the rights of animals who are deprived of exercise, fresh air and social interaction.

Compassion in World Farming revealed that by introducing a meat-free day in South Africa, 11 200 cattle, 2 million chickens, 10 000 pigs and 22 300 sheep will not face slaughter each week. The numbers of lives saved will continue to grow as more people choose to leave meat off their plates!

All animals, including farm animals, wild animals and sea creatures have the ability to love and feel pain, they have friends and family, and importantly, they want to live a happy, safe and comfortable life.

Having a meat-free meal means you are turning your fork into a powerful tool for peace by withdrawing support from industries that harm animals. Indeed, lending a hand of compassion doesn’t have to start and end with humans; we can still create a cohesive society that works towards the well-being of all its members, animals included. Their lives matter

Pledge to go meat-free on Mondays for the animals!

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